Published on June 09, 2021

The Prismarine Arena | PvP Map

This is an amazing PvP map that has many different sides to it that most PvP maps don't have! There are refillable chests with all kinds of things, like weapons, shields, spawn eggs, armor, etc. The map has a control room to change the type of moat and time of day, and there are two levels to the whole map to make it a fun fight. Unleash your best PvP (or PvE) skills and challenge your friends!


The map is a huge arena that is based off of ocean monuments and made too look like it is underwater.



If you use this map for a video on the internet, Please credit me and give a link to this page!!


(It does support non-beta as well)

Download the .mcworld file and open it. It should then open Minecraft and begin the installation process!


  • l3The_Prismarine_Arena.mcworld (191.81 KB)

Supported Minecraft versions

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