Published on December 12, 2015 (Updated on November 27, 2016)

The Prison Break [Adventure]

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This map is so nostalgic, brings back many memories.
plot twist: your brother has the wifi password and owes you money.
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Good but a little confusing
Nostalgic, I’m remember playing this map when I was a little such a good memory.
is it multiplayer?
the game crashed
I'd love to see the storyline at the beginning of the game >3<
Crashes at the very start. This is the only map that does it and I have had some maps that have so many things placed like items or pictures. This is the only broken map
When i click on the map, my Minecraft Windows 10 Edition crash
Broken for me, crashes game on opening
After escape from the bank the game crashed so many times...plz fix this..
great game but the chest kept glitching out and when i blew up tnt in the prison to escape i died and a villager took the minecart after i blew up but great game i loved it make more games like these you are good at them
Is this compatible with version 1.12?
people just break the chest to get the armor
That is why u use adventure mode