Published on November 09, 2020 (Updated on November 09, 2020)

The Pumpkin Patch: Hide N Seek (Minigame)

🍂🎃Explore the Pumpkin Patch in a new Area you've never discovered before. Or play your favorite minigame... aka Hide N Seek in Minecraft! Come along for our Autumn event and play Hide N Seek games with your friends online. Play on Local Multiplayer, Realms or even Servers with your friends and family and compete with them as a Hider or Seeker. All at this years event.... The Pumpkin Patch festival. 🎃🍁

By Exinfo Studios. & RPS STUDIO 

Welcome to The Pumpkin Patch! Explore a lovely Autumn farm and it's wonderful values. Or play your favorite minigame... aka Hide N Seek. Have fun at the Pumpkin Minecraft!

*Start the map by typing the function /start

 + Custom commands to enhance the player's experience  

+  Shaders and Texture pack  (By RPS STUDIO)

+  Handcrafted block by block World 

+  Infinite games of Hide N Seek 

+  Any amount of players 

+  Play on Local Multiplayer, Realms or Servers 

+  More to explore... at the Pumpkin Patch! 

The Pumpkin Patch has many different areas and spots to Hide in as a Hider. Taking place on a Farm during the Fall Season... this map includes 

+ Barn House 

+ Crop Fields 

+ Trees, Bushes and Nature 

+ Border zone for playing area 

+ Backside building 

+ And More to Explore! 

The Pumpkin Patch: Featured Images/Trailer

This map includes custom commands/redstone to enhance the players experience with functionality. And a custom resource/shaders pack to enhance the players visuals with unique textures and lighting effects.

HUGE THANKS TO RPS STUDIO for helping with the creation of the Map. Follow all of their Social Medias below. 

YouTube Channel:  Subscribe to RPS STUDIO

Website: Visit Their Website

Twitter: Follow RPS STUDIO

Thank you for playing "The Pumpkin Patch". Leave any comments or suggestions below. And join our Discord server for early access downloads and news  

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Business Email: [email protected]


This is the Download and Installation Process for "The Pumpkin Patch"

1. Click on the download link (it will redirect you to our secure and ad-free website) 

2. Click on "The Pumpkin Patch" download button on our website 

3. It will redirect you to MediaFire 

4. Click on the file you wish to download, and download it (.mctemplate or .zip) 

5. Click on "Create New" on Minecraft and select "The Pumpkin Patch" template world

*Start the map by using the function /start*

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Awesome map! I also like the shaders.
Since the map is a . mctemplate and not a .mcworld. You would have to click on "Create New" and you should see "The Pumpkin Patch" as an imported template
I hope y'all enjoy this map. Shout out to RPS STUDIO for help!