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Published on September 14, 2016 (Updated on September 14, 2016)

The Real End [Creation]

It's not really the real End but it's as close to it you can get in Minecraft Pocket Edition without it being a real feature yet. In this map you will be able to walk through an End portal which takes you to a large island with huge structures. Everything, including mobs, are things which exist in the real End in the PC version of Minecraft. It's a really cool map which is really amazing to experience!

Creator: Goreckicraft123, Twitter Account

Here is the End city. It's one of many structures which are generated in the End.

Assuming you've properly installed the textures you will find a couple of new mobs here as well.

Here's a dragon egg which is generated once the Ender Dragon is slain. However, in this map you won't find the Ender Dragon but you will find the dragon egg.

On the right image you can see a Chorus Plant. It's a tree structure which spawns quite frequently in the End.

Install Guide

This map works on Android, iOS, Windows 10 Edition and any other versions which support Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.15.7+.

  1. Download the zip file and use a file extracting program to extract it to get the textures folder and the map folder.
  2. Use one of these guides to install the textures. Folder name: Endercraft 2017)
    1. Android
    2. iOS
    3. Windows 10
  3. Then use one of these guides to install the map. Folder name: TheEnd texture 2017 (yes, it is this folder, for some reason the creator confused the names for the folders)
    1. Android
    2. iOS
    3. Windows

Download (Dropbox)
Download (MediaFire)

Installation Guides

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4 / 5 (6 votes)
MediaFire please idk how to do ios
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Its not bad... but it van better. and the new update have the REAL Real end!
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I love the maps and skins
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I don't need this map because I already have the update
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Please make an Mcworld file, because I do not have a computer or android and I want to play this map.
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How do i download it actually i don't know? I have MCPE but i dont know how to download and because. My tablet is cracked! Please reply.!
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Instead of using /setblock ~ ~ ~ end_frame 15 try /setblock ~ ~ ~ end_frame 14 for a different position of the ender frame
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Wow this is an amzing map and texture and I even made a video on it!
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Cool map like a real end!
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