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Published on December 16, 2017 (Updated on December 16, 2017)

The Ritual (Horror) [Adventure]

The Ritual is a story-driven adventure experience with lots of different jumpscares involving custom sounds, textures and images which will flash before your eyes. The story is sometimes a little confusing and there are probably ways it could have been improved upon. But for being one of his (Bryan Minecrafter's) first maps it's definitely a decent horror map.

Creator: Bryan Minecrafter


This is a story about a friend. An old friend who you have known since you were very young. But what should you do if something bad happened to your friend?


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What the fuck did i just play? LMAOoo
This map was one of my favorites! I love it! Except, when on of the stages to find the button...I couldn't seem to find it. I also tried getting the map again more that once. But again it didn't work. Please fix this, or if anybody could give me tips on that. Other than that this map was amazing!
This map was fun, except that is was VERY short. other than that, that was awsome! thanks for making this map for us!
THIS MAP IS AMAZING’ it is the single beds map iv’e ever played in all versions of Minecraft. This is my favorite horror map ever. It is even better then Pacheccos Hell or Demon brain!
I couldn’t get on the map after I downloaded it
It close the minecraft after i enter the world... How to fix this?
This map keeps crashing me on my kindle fire!!!
This game is....AMAZING!!!
I love this map! The jumpscares and sound effects are really great! Only 4 stars because I think it should be longer. Other than that it's great and I recommend it to anyone who plays Five Nights At Freddy's!
It scared me but it's awesome ????????
its really good but i dont get the storyline like if u agree
Hey!The map is awesome!!! And one question...Are you Filipino?Cause I've red the word "JUSKO"
honestly this was not scary and it was boring don't waste ur time.
Tbh I think this was a great mcpe level. Although, I do hope future mcpe creators focus more on atmosphere rather than trying to terrify the player just by jump scares. Take the map ‘no words’ for example. It uses various sounds in order to build suspense.
Other than that I think it is one of the best mcpe maps I’ve played.

Lol this comment is way too long XD