Published on August 28, 2021

The Spider Den

Hi! Are you afraid of spiders? If so then do you like scary games? If so on both questions then this map is for you! But if you are not afraid of spiders, and you like scary games, then this map is still for you! If you are afraid of spiders and you don't like scary games then, uuh, this game might be an arachnophobic trip for you! If you are not afraid of spiders and you don't like scary games, then this will just be one of those horror maps. ANYWAY, here is a detailed description of the world. Also every single thing in the world is created by me, so if anyone tries to say, "Oh, I should get credit on this map because I am the one who made it scary." They are wrong. Also plz check out my Coronavirus mod too!

Oh, yeah make sure to enable these settings: 

You start in a tiny little structure made out of Blackstone. This structure is the starting area, ya know, the area you first spawn in. In this structure you can read all the signs that are inside, there is even a lever you can pull, I know you want to. Anyway the signs beside the lever and start ones are just credits. That all say me. Not much.

Alright, so when you press the Start button, it brings you to this stone corridor with a skull, some signs, and a chest. 

It's pretty dark, so here is a close up image: 

You are probably wondering what is inside the chest so here ya go: 

The gamemode is set as Adventure so you're probably like, "Oh, then how are we gonna use the Diamond Pickaxe?". Easy. With this command: /give @p diamondpickaxe 1 0 {"minecraft:candestroy":{"blocks":["mob_spawner"]}} works perfectly fine. (It allows the player to mine only specific blocks when in Adventure mode) Here is the rest of the corridor: 

It's a door that leads to the unknown... Spooky! I will tell you what it leads to later but just so you don't get mad, it's a spoiler. So if you wanna be surprised with what your gonna see, then just download the map now and read no more. 

Where The Door Leads (Spoiler Alert)

The door leads to a giant sac of baby spider that is on the peak on breaking open. Even worse, there are baby spider spawners on all four sides of the room. The room is made out of black wool because that was the best I could come up with. 

That is basically the whole room. When you first open the door to enter the room there is no escape. There isn't a button to open it again on the other side and to your luck (Not your luck, it's just my Command Block skills) the giant spider sac breaks open and you get pummeled with poisonous baby spiders. There is another door but on the opposite side of the room, so you'll need to kill a bunch of spiders and walk through a bunch of cobwebs to get to the other side. If you do die you will need to start the whole map all over again, so don't be mad when you die. (The chest refills itself) If you do successfully get to the other side, you are met with a very short corridor with a cage with a door on the other side. No, it is not hard to get to the other side this time. 

When you get to the other side, you are able to press a button. (This screenshot is where I noticed I forgot to place a button, I fixed it) Do you press it? YES!!! What else have you got to do? Cheat and go into Creative mode? Yeah, I don't think so, I put up a Command Block that prevented that >:) You will not get jumpscared, don't worry. This is not FNaF. When you enter the next room, you trigger a pressure plate because I am smart and I blended it in. 

When you trigger the pressure plate, suddenly you see a text above your hotbar saying, "You Have Awakened The Spider Queen" And yes, the boss battle begins you vs the Spider Queen that I MADE!!! 

Spider Queen

Health: 575

Attack Type: Melee and Poisons you (Fatal Poison)

Drops: lol find out urself

So that is my map I hope you enjoy! If so then sub to Molten Noob on YouTube:


If the main download link does not work then use the Mediafire one.

The other download is if you wanna use Spider Queen in other worlds.


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