The Survival Plus [V.1.1.0] By Aliien

Are you SUPER BORED at the same Minecraft 1.19 game type? With this Addon you can make your game much harder and experience a new type of survivalty with NEW Mobs, Features, Items, Recipes, Structures and Trades. Also it sopport many languages(SOON)!

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Version 2 (v1.1.0)

Update Fix!
(Changed for compatibilty on 1.19.20)


[Biome & Foods v6]
[Cave & Armors v6]
[Nether & Mobs v5]
[End & Loots v2]
[Sky & Potions v2]


Supported Minecraft versions

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Is there a way to download this mod without being forced to download the unwanted software that Linkvertise is trying to force me to download?
Sorry for that,
but it's the advertising fault that does that... :c
try it in other device or time
Garbage. It crashes every world that you install it on, including virgin worlds from fresh seeds.
Sorry for that.. Xd
if the version that you have is other than 1.19.10, yeah....
it will do that...
Wait for the Update. Soon. UuUr
i realy like your addons alien
This mod adds a lot of things! Keep the Great work! 😃
This comment has been removed
Una pregunta pa este mod es compartible con los demás que creaste?
Por cierto muy buen mod ta piola :D
unicamente con el nuevo de END, las demas serian repetido..
Gracias mi bro...! pronto saldra otro con tematica del cielo/paraiso... UuU
your addon is great 😎
This addon is great but I just want to tell u something if it's not too much to ask but can u add a mod that's called scrape and run parasite mod here's the link to the youtube video there's more information here --->
the link didn't come up but the video is called: Scape and Run Parasites (1.9.0 & 1.9.1 Updates) | Minecraft Mod Review
you can look it up at course forge and see it and u can watch the video of forge labs surviving 100 days in minecraft with parasites and see there animation.
also the video Scape and Run Parasites (1.9.2 - 1.9.5 Updates) | Minecraft Mod Review and Scape and Run Parasites Mod (1.12.2) | Minecraft Mod Review
And 1 thing your addon is really cool I wish there were 100 stars so I can rate u 100 stars
I cant do it... because it will be a copy of it.... but i can do something similar... it will take time... but yeah... UuU
thats ok but i dont know if u can ask the creator of the parasite mod if u can use the scrape and run parasite for the mcpedl website and credit them. But you can make your own parasite mod thats fine its your mod anyways 0w0