Published on March 12, 2023

The Swampland Expansion Addon (Beta)

Are you tired of swamps in Minecraft? or Swamp in Minecraft don't have special mobs? no longer this addon is there for you this addon adds 11+ new mobs for swamp biomes

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Hi! Thanks for the mod, it is really cool. The mobs are fun and looks great. The only thing i believe is unbalanced is the trade of 15 coal for like a stack of emerald... way too cheap. even 1 coal for 1 emerald is too cheap in my opinion. But for those looking to get an easy load of them, there you go!

Only glitch on my side is that no trees spawns at all in any swamps. Not in regular, or mangrove swamps (meaning no mangrove trees available on the map. I am not sure if anyone else experienced it, or if it is a glitch because i have other addons.

Good job tho, looking foward for updates!
ultimate_destroyer March 12, 2023 at 7:10 am
Could you also make a texture pack they shows your health in inventory and chest screens, this would be very helpful for mobile players.
Have a good idea about the next swamp update? please comment
maybe a raggedy slime?