The Ultimate Morph

Hello friends Ultimate Morph Addon is a Morph Addon For Minecraft Pocket Edition in this addon you can morph into the following:

Block (Glass, Sapling, Etc) 

Furniture (Chair, Table) 

Superhero (Iron man, Black Panther, Etc) 

Youtuber (Mr Beast, Techno Gamerz, Etc) 

Game Character (Kratos, Spiderman, Etc) 

Movie Character (Squid Game, Pennywise, Etc) 

Anime Character (Naruto, Goku, Etc) 

Cartoon Character (Ben 10) 

WWE Wrestler (John Cena, Undertaker) 


In this Addon you will get total 108 morph items in which you can morph.


To morph into something, you have to take that item in your hand and hold on the screen so that you will morph into that item.


This addon is not 100% complete so if you find any Glitch then you can message me on my discord server.

Don't Forget To Turn On Holiday Creator Features And Molang. 

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Cool mod, but please remove the effect particle when morphing.