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Published on May 14, 2017 (Updated on May 14, 2017)

The Wall [Parkour]

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it is possible cuz ive done it
the neo jump is almost impossible even on win 10
No its not its like the easiest jump (atleast for me)
Helped me get good at parkour but i have mo longer have a soul
I gotten crazy to play this map!
So much 4 block jump -_-
SO FUN!!! Loved this
The neo jump is not possible for sure
You tall all jumps are possible , well it is not
You must have tested in the windows 10 edition because it is easier on it
Hello Niraj,
I have tested all jumps on the platform android. I know that some of them are very hard, but they're possible. You only have to practice the right technique.
It this what Mexicans will have to go through just to get into America?
It took me 23min. To finish
I completed it rage mode made me rage so hard but over all the map was pretty good I am now a true pro it took me 20 mins to complete it
I loved this map! Currently recording it for my YouTube channel and it is a great variation of hard and easy jumps with frequent checkpoints that make for an awesome video! Thanks for creating an awesome map and please do more!
I have suggested another parcour map today, it will come out in a few Days :)
Nice wall you made there
so hard never completed but loveable
I love the game!! It is very fun and i want to see more games just like it!
It's really cool