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Published on June 15, 2017 (Updated on June 15, 2017)

The Walls (4 Players Required!) [PvP]

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you need to add a wall that shrinks into the middle and forces the players there.
Tried to play with four people but game never tp’d us out of our individual starting rooms.
Can you make it a thirty min grace period? Cuz no-armors fighting each other with stone swords is really anti climactic
u nub at survival i had full diamond armor but you could edit the map like i did
This game was awesome and I think the creator should make another or maybe multiple in one map or maybe different multiplayer games like bedwars and skywars
Hey guys wanna play with me on the map The Walls?
can you make a micro battles map?
thank u
love this mini-game!!
can you make a micro battles map?
thank u anyway :)
love this mini game!!!
can you make a mirco battles map?
thanks anyway!
Cool! It's just like Minecraft story mode ep8!
If you have more than four players, teams will be fighting against each other
Wow, great map.
Too bad I don't have any friends
Make a bed wars map that's good pls
Yeah! Bed wars is for pc but not for iPad and 1.2.3 makes you sign in to Xbox to use servers now!
I remember this game being featured in Minecraft: Story Mode season 1 episode 8(I said season because a second season will release in July 11th!)at the final game, but the winner has to step on the, "Winner's Platform" to win instead of eliminating the other teams.
Cool! I played this with my friend, and I thought of a suggestion. Could you make Lucky Block walls? Don't use the lucky block addon, though. The lucky blocks are pigs and cannot be placed as blocks.