Published on September 07, 2020 (Updated on September 07, 2020)

The Wandering Illager

This addon adds a new Illager to the game, the Wandering Illager! Just imagine a wandering trader that has gray skin and fights back when you hit him, that is this guy.

This addon adds a new Illager to your world named the Wandering Illager. 

He is a passive mob who who brings his donkey with him anywhere he goes

You can trade with him however in the current version his trades are not finalized so expect some changes in the future

If you attack him he will become angry and chase you with his Iron Sword

If you name him Steve he will begin to attack everything except Donkeys, even fellow Illagers

He will naturally attack iron golems, snow golems, villagers and wandering traders so keep him away from your villages!


  • WI Beh.mcpack
  • WI Res.mcpack

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This is a pretty good addon, 5 stars for me!
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Sorry but i have a better name, the wandering raider, because the counterpart is called the wandering trader not the wandering villager
Good addon tho
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Speak it brother
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what is the steve name reference?
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