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Published on October 28, 2018 (Updated on October 28, 2018)

The Wandering Woods [Custom Terrain]

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I especially like this map. I hope to get your permission to make another map with this map. Thank you very much!?
Some biomes has random blocks generating. (Such as Lapiz lazuli ores, glass, or even portal?) It is also near the mansion. There is also random blocks generating. It creeps me for some reason.
Man, this map is rubbish. Yea I know the coordinates to the mansion (-535 70 -1511). But why does the mansion look like the grinch’s cave. I cant do this. RUBBISH MAP ALERT
Great map and one of the mansions is at -535, 70, -1511.
Why are there random blocks everywhere and floating leaves tho
i love this map !!!!! im kinda a new person with this all and when you first start the whole mine craft can be a bit over whelming , this is a relaxing type that people can get there feet wet on and try thing out , to gain confidence in them selves, Thanks you for all your work . i can go at my own pace and learn with this
These structures are from Biome Bundle. Credit them please..
Ur zo cool man
Does it have ores is it fit for survival
It was so cool you should make nore
Aren't all of these structures and biomes someone else's work? You don't mention Biome Bundle once but the biomes and structures are all from Biome Bundle.
the amount of effort you must have put into this is blowing my mind. keep up the good work and you WILL end up being a well known map maker
All of the effort on the terrain and structures was by team_otg, all this guy has done is convert other people's work without permission and without crediting them.
Takes a long time to download!