The Warehouse (Potions Update)

The Warehouse is a PvP/PvE style map, set in a post nuclear war time period. You must fight off all kinds of monsters as well as other players to earn loot and gear! Monsters drop coins which you can transfer these coins into digital currency via ATM’s around the map. But be careful, if you don’t transfer the money in time you will lose it if you die, along with all your other items! This extensive map includes custom textures made by Enderverse Creations!

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The Warehouse Bugfix Update (1.4):

  • First update in over 3 years!
  • Brand New Painting Textures Added
  • Fixed Loot Crate System
  • Fixed Zombie Spawning
  • Fixed Loot Barrel Refill Commands
  • Refilling Barrel Locations Changed/Added
  • Rebranded map from Endercraft Studios to Enderverse Creations
  • All features fixed for MCBE 1.20+

The Warehouse Potion Update (1.4):

  • Potion making ingredients can be located in barrels around the map
  • Located both inside and outside The Warehouse
  • Brand new Potion Huts located around map
  • Potion of Strength can be brewed (Least Rare)
  • Potion of Leaping can be brewed (Slightly Rare)
  • Potion of Swiftness can be brewed (Most Rare)
  • Brewing stands located around map in the huts
  • It is recommended to brew multiple potions at once
  • Brand new painting textures have been added

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this would be awesome if its a gun themed pvp!
Just putting it out there this is the best map ever
When do you plan your next update?
Thank you! A bit late, but we’ve finally updated it!
This map could go so well with JuliusScizzor's Apocalypse add-on. Good job!
Minecraft_expert707 January 23, 2022 at 12:10 pm
This game is good,but I need a boost.can you tell me the location of the shops
The shops are located in spawn, above the fast travel buttons!
Subscribe2LifeOfNova August 30, 2021 at 9:51 am
Hey M8, My Name Is Jaden, Your Map Seem cool, Imma try to play it after i get home. is there anything i got to know pls tell me. i will also credit you as well.
For Any Contact You Can Just Message Me On discord :LifeOfNovaYT#5689
Can we get the map whit no commands?
Amazing 10/10
Make sure to appreciate a cool creator like BendyTheDemon18
Oh crap wrong post sorry
Looks like interesting,i Will try it with my friends,
ITS preety good dude,but i get a problem,what i should do to reach the top of warehouse?
Go up the vines in the elevator shaft located in the center of The Warehouse.