Published on November 24, 2022

The Wood Games

Welcome to The Wood Games! This map is a sequel to The Stone Games if you have not already played it yet. Anyways, this map puts your IQ and Minecraft skills to the test. You will be going through mazes, parkour, finding things, and other stuff. There are a total of 9 different stages. Each stage is made out of a different type of wood plank. Your objective is to try to get to the end of the map, but you could be sent farther away from the end, or you could be sent closer to the end. There is also a secret room somewhere in the map with a great surprise! You will know when you have found it. Good luck!

Stage 1: Oak Planks-
Stage 2: Spruce Planks-
Stage 3: Birch Planks-
Stage 4: Jungle Planks-
Stage 5: Acacia Planks-
Stage 6: Dark Oak Planks-
Stage 7: Mangrove Planks-
Stage 8: Crimson Planks-
Stage 9: Warped Planks

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