Published on August 23, 2022 (Updated on June 13, 2024)

The Yoshi Mod - v1.2

The Yoshi Mod adds, well, Yoshis into the game, making the game friendlier and more fun while giving the player an alternative to horses. Watch out for the other types, though.....

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v1.0 - Initial Release.

The first ever version of the mod.

v1.0.6 - Minor Visuals Update

Updated textures and sounds.

v1.1 - Household Update

The first ever major update of the mod.

Yoshi Houses

  • Added Yoshi Houses
  • These houses will rarely spawn naturally within plains biomes. They come with a living room, study area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom with plenty of storage to steal from, you jerk
  • More colored variants will be added in future updates
  • Added decorational Yoshi Egg blocks


  • Added Zomshi color variants
  • Added Baby Zomshis. Very fast and furious. Only one thing left to do... Run. If you can
  • Zomshis that are cured will return back to Yoshis in the age and variant they initially spawned as
  • Yoshis will also become Zomshis in the age and variant they initially spawned as

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Yoshis would not be rideable after being cured
  • Fixed a bug where Zomshis would output an animation error in the content log GUI


v1.1.1 - Household Update Hotfix

Fixed a couple of semi-major bugs in this latest update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Crimson and Blurple Zomshis would swap colors when cured.
  • Fixed the collision and selection boxes of all Yoshi Egg blocks.


v1.1.3 - Household Update Additional Features

Added a feature because this update felt a little underdeveloped.

Yoshi Fruits

  • Removed the Yoshi Fruit recipe. Yoshi Fruits can now only be found in Yoshi Houses.
  • Added Yoshi Fruit growing system. Place the fruits on a tree's leaves and it'll grow into multiple, just like cocoa beans, but for leaves!


v1.1.25 - Household Update Emergency Hotfix + Music DLC Release

Fixed countless bugs that were present after the 1.20 update released. We've also released the first ever DLC for The Yoshi Mod: The Music DLC! More on that after these main mod patch notes.

Fixed Bugs

  • Migrated all deprecated files and fixed countless bugs in the process.
  • Added Baby Yoshi and Zomshi models and textures.


Embrace the beauty of your Minecraft world plus The Yoshi Mod with the official Music DLC! Feel free to use the music in here in your videos! Just make sure to give proper credit if you do so.

  • Added 3 new music tracks: Lifts, Island, and Door.
    • Lifts plays whenever you explore the peaks of the mountains in survival mode.
    • Island plays anytime in creative mode.
    • Door plays whenever you explore the two forest biomes of the nether.
  • Added exclusive Music DLC title for The Yoshi Mod.


v1.2 - New Life Update

We had to rework a lot of the code due to the removal of Holiday Creator Features. But this new update also introduces our most requested feature since the release of this addon: Sitting!!

New Features

  • Added sitting mechanic. Sneak and right-click tamed Yoshis to switch to sitting mode and back!
  • Added Yoshi egg functionality. Yoshi eggs will now hatch over the course of 2-3 in-game days.

Sitting Mechanic

  • Our most requested feature yet, the sitting mechanic, allows players to sit their tamed Yoshis down without the need of a lead and fence.
  • To switch between sit mode and ride mode, interact with a tamed Yoshi while sneaking.
  • To sit a tamed Yoshi down, interact with them while they are in sit mode. You can stand them back up by interacting with them again or switching to ride mode.

Yoshi Eggs

  • Yoshi eggs were previously added as purely decorative blocks. Now, they can hatch after a couple of in-game days.
  • Yoshi eggs can be obtained by breeding Yoshis or by finding them in Yoshi houses.
  • Placing the egg will start a 2-3 day timer until the egg hatches into a newborn Yoshi.
  • Yoshi eggs have 3 stages of hatching before they break open. Watch and listen carefully for those cracks!

New Music DLC Track: New Friends

As you open up the game and install a brand new addon, you feel a sense of joy and excitement along with it, as if you're going to make some new pals along the way.

  • Added 1 new music track: New Friends.
    • New Friends plays randomly in the main menu, alongside the other original tracks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where baby Yoshis would still be rideable after hatching from an egg.
  • Tweaked baby Yoshi growth when fed. It would now behave similarly to those of different vanilla entities.



  • The Yoshi Mod v1.2 (5.08 MB)
  • The Yoshi Mod: Music DLC v1.1 (30.62 MB)

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This is so cute! Great job!!
Hello, Deeharmonic.
I greatly appreciate the feedback! The addon was built to be cute, whilst giving the player a new advantage in their survival, so if you need an alternative to horses, donkeys/mules, or camels, Yoshis are a great option. If you enjoy the addon, you should try out the newly-released Music DLC! It contains iconic music from both Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island. Whilst I'm not making YI-related content in the addon anymore, I'll still be adding new content to the addon, so stay tuned!
It's just me or is the recipe for the yoshi fruit missing? I wanted to cure a zomshi but there's no recipe for making the yoshi fruit in survival
Hello, DinoWaltz.
Yes, the recipe was indeed removed, as stated in the changelogs. I just forgot to update the main description of the addon's download page. Yoshi fruits can now only be obtained from Yoshi houses, which then can be planted on oak leaves as a crop.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
Is this non player.jsn?
Yes, this is a non-player.json addon.
cant install rn please fix and make .mcmod
Hello, Graceful.

.mcmod files are not valid files, as Bedrock Edition takes addons, not "mods". If you want to install this addon, you'll either have to open it with Minecraft, or rename the file extension to something like ".zip" and manually install the addon from there. I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do to "fix" this.
Hello, Noah.

Yes. Yoshi, that's what we have to offer here.
really enjoying the mod however 2 bugs i have noticed are a baby yoshi that you have bred has grown up, you can ride it but cant tame it and with a cured zomshi can not be ridden at all
also do you plan on adding a function for a yoshi to sit or stay? cause i feel bad when i have to tie them up with a lead and see them trying to run to me
It may be considered, but remember that Bedrock is very limited on what can be coded, so it may take some time to figure out. Thanks for trying out the mod!
Hello, TwinDragon.

I have already noticed these two bugs. However, I'm not sure if I can actually fix them. I'll have to ask for support to fix these bugs. Thanks for the reports anyway!
UPDATE: I managed to fix the bugs. I again thank you for your bug reports!
Can you Make a Mario addon that adds Mario to the game and i want Mario to ride on these Yoshis in this addon
Hello, RabbidsFan.

Unfortunately, as much as I would love to fulfill these player requests, due to the popularity of the mod, if I put in too much Super Mario content, I might receive a DMCA request from Nintendo themselves. I'm not a Nintendo player anymore anyway. The way I see it, Nintendo can make games how they want, but players should be able to make their own games and content based on Nintendo's content while having their own rules in creating the content. Thanks for the suggestion anyway!
Is there a way to make their heads smaller when you ride them?
Hello, Hashimno.
You must be struggling with the fact that your vision is partially blocked by the head. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a solution to this, as making the head smaller is global, not local. Meaning that all players will see the head when it's smaller, not just the player riding them. So sadly, I cannot resolve this issue.
Thanks for the feedback anyway!
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This comment is still visible. ⁽ˡᵒˡ⁾
Great addon bro
Hello, Amongus..
Thanks for the feedback! Positive comments like this encourage me to work on the mod even further. I would love to hear more!
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
Can you specify what you mean by modules and Netease My World?
Stop your scam, that just makes money for u not for creator.
Get away from this site,shameless and greedy thief.
I love this addon
Hello, iNomarsiii.
Thanks for the feedback! I always love hearing people's input about the mod. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reply back!
Hello, RMPlays.
Glad to hear that! Feedback like this encourages me to further work on the mod, so it really helps out a ton. Thanks!
This comment has been removed