The YouTuber Addon (Beta)

Have you ever wanted to meet Minecraft YouTubers? Now you can with The YouTuber Addon. The YouTuber Addon is inspired by the Java Edition Mod called Youtubers+ Mod by supercat765. This add-on will be a little similar but still have a lot of features that the original mod didn’t have. However, with a project this big, it will talk a lot of time to make. So, I am releasing this Beta version for y'all to try out. Bugs are expected so please let me know of any.

The stuff that came from the original has different textures then the original. The main things that came from the mod is The Money, The Armour, & The YouTubers. However, they will work & look differently.

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Love this addon. I was actually going to make this addon but you made it before I could. Suggestion: you should add yourself into the addon just like super cat did and make different structures that you sell. Not forcing you to do anything but I think it would be cool if you did
I actually just realized that you already did lol