Published on July 14, 2017 (Updated on July 14, 2017)

TheTerminator Add-on

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ill be back
why are the terminators fighting each other
Texture is corrupted plz fix!
Update it. It’s old a d does not work
There's only one problem his bullets come from under his minigun and because of that he can't hit enemissions Wich are 2 blocks high
Wow you did a great job ?
I like terminator
Notch is the original creator of Minecraft
Herobrine is not his brother chase notch never had a brother
Yeah his the original creator of Minecraft
I like having op robots like mega mecha and wither buster and I was just guessing if you could add some robot that looks like the robot from robocop, I think it's called ED-209. Make it rideable like rest and replace iron golems and last but not least shoot fire balls!!
Awsome addon!

But can you make a fox addon please?