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Published on June 09, 2017 (Updated on October 28, 2017)

Thimble [Minigame]

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Did you get this idea from that minigame on PC??? It's Really Cool
I did, on a video from "FantaBobGames" :)
add a command block to fill water in that place to make it easier
I did it, I fully automated the game, you just have to press a button after your game to fill the place with water :)
I don’t even like Survival mode minigames, but still pretty cool :)
I m happy to be french now ? . I have seen the born of thit mini game on a very old video of famous minecraft french youtuber (Fanta and Bob ) .
this is one of the best Minecraft games i've ever played
Such a great map to use especially for survival players who can use this map practise and help with droppers! I love this map sooo much! I'm glad it came out otherwise I will always be bad at the dropper.
This needs to be on the console version
This needs to be on console platforms
Ingenious idea, and great execution.

It's excellent, I can't say much more than that. It's a super fun game to play with friends, and I couldn't even see it working on a server.
From this texture pack, would you please make an 8bit texture pack that uses 8bit sounds for everything?
With NES gtaphics?
A new map that has a creative experience by dropping in water, while surviving is a pretty cool concept for mcpe maps like these.
You never expect the unexpected.
What The Heck are you talking about???
That's cool