Published on January 05, 2022

Thomas.exe Addon

Hello guys, did you know about TV Show about "Thomas and Friend". You must know Thomas from that show, right? So in this addon, I'm going to bring you a violent and scary version of Thomas. What I talking about is Thomas.exe. This addon created by the original creator of "Asian Ghost Addon" LGUNM YT. Hope you like this addon.



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I'll give it a 5. Not only was it able to convey horrific impact but it was also able burst me into laughter personally seeing that Thomas is now a humorous abomination. I just love it overall XD.
The download dont even work, I did the Linkvertise like 4 times and it keeps saying "This site cant provide a secure connection".
Addon idea: Elmo.exe

What he will do: he has a knife with blood on it and has 500 hp. He can make Elmo sound effects and can run pretty fast. He attacks by cutting you with his knife.

What he looks like: he looks like Elmo with the orange nose and all, but has blood on him and has red eyes. He also holds a knife.

You could also add other Sesame Street characters such as Cookie Monster and big bird but that’s up to you.
Hope you like it!
could always use some good horror addons
Add more engines like Percy,Gordon,James,Duck,Emily,Henry,Edward but PLEASE don’t add the new engines from thomas go and big world big adventures I beg of you
Please and Thanks
This addon is sort of like all the Thomas mods for Skyrim & fallout only more cursed. Idk whether to love it or hate it…
Or how If I should even use it lol
Why are do this, train good, this train bad, scare me, cannot sleep at night, cry.
I'm not sure how to exactly react but this doubles my laughter regarding this addon lmao.