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Published on November 11, 2015 (Updated on November 11, 2015)

-1973191934: Three Desert Temples at Spawn

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Guest-2117350742 May 02, 2020 at 2:39 am
"The village is located behind the third village." Do you mean the third temple or is there three villages?
Does it work on 1.12
How did it work
How do you even get the seed
I hav the McPE version that added Woodland mansions. There are multiple wells scattered about, the village from this version of the seed, a jungle temple by the village, and 2 desert temples, one a small bit away from a well, and one behind spawn.
Guys it worked for me and my friend yall must not have the latest Minecraft Pocket Edition
I have the latest version of minecraft that is 0.13.0 and i tried in infinite and old but didn't work please help
yes editor i have 0.13.0 But why i spawned On Jungle when i try this seed??
I have updated the post with more precise details how to find the temples. And yes, you will spawn in a jungle.
It not work plase help=(
Make sure you've the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition for it to work.
It workeeddddddddd thank you
There Are No Desert Temple or villages -_-
Which version of Minecraft PE are you using? This seed is for 0.13.
Yhaaaar matie its for 0,13
Hey, did u know that off to the right of the second and first temples there are two more that were not noticed? They contain a total of:
-35 bones
-59 gold ingots
-34 rotten flesh
-2 emeralds
-3 diamonds
-11 iron ingots
Hope this was helpful!
Just below TNT is iron!