Published on April 26, 2017

-908086585: Three Villages & One Temple At Spawn

Seed ID

Thats the seed we will play fortnite royale
Can't find sand temple
Found the villages but not the sand temple.
jsyk it tells you the seed you dont have to download anything
Omg I can't believe there are more villages 666
Uh, where is the download button?
Very good I ❤️ it!!!!!!!!!!,
There's another sand temple. If you stand at the plains village facing the first sand temple then turn right and keep going you'll eventually hit another sand temple. It's harder to see since it is partially buried under the sand. Only the very top entrance is visible. The fall is pretty long and you'll need some torches since there is no light source. You should be able to just barely see it in the distance when you pass two small pools of lava on your left.
Thx for the help!!!!!!??????
The first Temple has a large abandoned mine underneath it - about 15 blocks down.
Beneath the sand temple is an abandoned mine. (Discovered through digging, not through an argument with the pressure plate!)
It didn't work for me. I did the seed but it didn't work LOL
This seed didn't work for me, know what's wrong?
This seed did not work for me :(
Just north and slightly east of spawn point, there is another desert village with a blacksmith. Just north of that village, there is a desert temple. That makes four villages and two temples within reasonable distance from spawn! Between them all, i got 3 enchanted books, two gold horse armor, two iron horse armor, three iron boots, two emeralds, seven iron ingots, 4 gold ingots, a golden apple, and eight saddles! Wow! I'm not done exploring yet, so who knows what else is nearby.
Sorry, just realized that I am not the first person to give this info. I was just excited. ?