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Published on October 01, 2015 (Updated on October 01, 2015)

450864243: Three Villages & Great Chests

Seed ID

Cool wat I did was to protect the villagers lol
Found diamond ores while mining. Hehehe.
There is a 4th village past the large savannah mountain with a blacksmith (iron pick, iron boots, gold ingot).
Also, you can find a mineshaft in the caves below the savannah mountain if you explore far enough.
Hey it's pretty good ? ?
How do you down load
It's a seed. When creating a world click "Advanced" in the top-right corner and then type the seed: 450864243
Lol I want to do this but don't know how ... I'm a total noob
advanced, top right, theres a spot that says "seed" so type in the given numbers