Tiger Client V7.0

TigerClient is a pack thats Enchant the game, PVP Aspects, interface also with unlocked settings to give the max ability for the game, this project was made by HJN.


HJN. Yazu, elwaer m, kurounicha, Bedezo, SoundToTheThirdPower.

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Modified UI

Home screen [NEW]

Settings screen

Progress screen

Logo Gui inspired By badlion + Java Gui ( Compatible with PvP texture packs)

Pause screen

Chat screen ( Updated )

Death screen


Java Hand Made By @Ambient ( Mcpedl User )( YouTube User )

Clean Water ( Compatible with PvP texture packs)


Java Particles, No TnT Particles, Max Framerate Slider, The ability of HUD and GUI Is compatible with any Custom Texture Pack, No Glyph Font, Higher Damage Sound [1.8 Java Edition Aspect], Tweaked Water Bucket Sound To Match the Java Edition style, Changed Chest Open and Close sounds to match java edition, Tweaked Emote Selection Sound, No Strong.ogg Sound, Changed Critical Hit particles To Matches the Java Edition, No Campfire Particles.


You can switch between them by clicking the setting icon, you can find in Settings/Global Resources.

Thay are:

Blaze Hit Sound


Badlion Client Crosshair style

(Showed in the image bellow)

And bottom chat


@Ambient For letting me use java hand

 @Offroaders123 For letting me use Full grass


1. Restart Minecraft after applying the Client

2. Use classic UI mode ( Pocket won’t fit perfectly )

3. Don’t use safe screen setting


Changelog View more


1. Fixed scoreboard

2. Fixed experience bar

3. Fixed weird destroy particles

4. Updated All Screens

Changed the disc

We are going to change the UI soon and fix all the bugs



Fixed All the bugs

Unblurred Panorama

Added new features

Updated settings screen, start screen, progress screen.

Change Log:


-Settings screen

-Chat screen

-Emote wheel



-Death screen

-Fixed Profile Screen


Added java hand

Added fate client button (bottom right on the info text in start screen)

Removed useless textures

What's New in V5.2?

-Fixed yellow/blue/green corner textures that appear in hud.

-Enchanted Start screen, settings screen, Server Form and bottom hud mode.

-Fixed BLC Mode.

-Removed Play screen and Profile Screen due to bugs happen in the codes.

-Added a new textures to the buttons.

-Fixed te missing Font in Music Player.

-Enchated Inventory.

-New panorama.

-Added a new texture for the pause screen mod panel.

-New pack_icon.

-Splash Potion Particles are more optimized now.

-block destruct is matching java edition

-block destruct in BetterFrames Mode is Disabled.

-Resized Bottom Chat.


How To Download?

Click on the green text, then click Download and wait 5 seconds.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100

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72 Responses

4 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. MateusBr259 says:

    when I click on the Experimental Gameplay button it does not activate all experimental gameplay options, put the three experimental gameplay buttons back

  2. forrest says:

    this SUCKS it glitched me out and now I have to dlete the whole game

  3. cAptive says:

    Cool but experimental gameplay doesn’t work because since 1.16.100 it was divided in 3 toggle please update that

  4. EpicPeterJohn says:

    Bro, thank u for good client but I can’t change my custom skin when my skin is Steve or Alex and The XYZ position is in right top so Pocket users can’t see their hungers (I am pocket user)

  5. TheMCGuy213 says:

    is the music player feature able to change music?
    i tried replacing the explosion music from the folders with music, but it didn’t work.

  6. Bedezu says:

    I love the client 10/10

  7. TochPEDL says:

    Ngl why does it say singleplayer on the main menu it should say play because I don’t think when we click on the icon singeplayer we want to play singleplayer also will there be more mods added and btw love the client.

  8. HJN says:

    i hate autocorrect ._. sorry for the misspell

  9. A Little buggy but its cool overall

  10. GamingBombOmbPlYs says:

    Cool fake fps counter, reported

  11. Novotic_YT says:

    I tried to equip the bad lion crosshair and when i reloaded the game the start screen wont pop up and i cant play Minecraft anymore.

  12. CubicPlayzMc says:


  13. EpicXxshuxX says:

    Clients are useless in bedrock edition plus this not a good client

    I think you could be banned for this now that they can do that

  14. DoguiSCA says:

    Arregla la posición de las coordenadas

  15. Aqil7042 says:

    Fix at experimental gameplay

  16. Rockythemaster says:

    Can u make the pause menu normal btw good pack

  17. MrDiamond says:

    This is pretty good tho! Umm, can I use the UI of the settings and the UI of the progress screen for my pack please? I promise I will add credits text all your UI. Thanks! Pls respond me ASAP.

  18. My stepmom says:

    Badlion client ripoff

  19. TenONESHOT818 says:

    The Dev Features Didn’t Work, And I Didn’t See It In The Changelogs

  20. itzRcL says:

    i try join the discord and discord say invite expired Whyyyy

  21. Soblake says:

    this is good 😀

  22. I love it, but is there a way to turn off all the optimizations? I like the rain particles and etc

  23. Novotic_YT says:

    Great client but why are the coordinates behind the hot bar i cant see them?

  24. LegitSkyy says:

    Not bad!! Nice keep up the good work!!

  25. can you make a setting for me to change my texture packs in game

  26. HJN says:

    Guys, sorry about the bugs this is meant to be the first beta of the pack, I’m fixing the bugs

  27. MrGreenBoyz says:

    Hey there, Please fix the bug or glitch when I put your resources pack and it showing disappear but nothing in Minecraft home screen I can’t see the button or play
    I’m on win 10 edition.

    Thank you.

  28. Rockythemaster says:

    nice bro boosts fps

  29. J4k3 Lecias Phシ says:

    Can you add an Cosmetics Cloak,Wings p:

  30. is there a ui editor u used for this?

  31. loka125 says:

    yooo this is cool!!!! i love it thank you for making it ur the best!! <333

  32. My stepmom says:

    This is a badlion ripoff

  33. General Foxic says:


  34. Fireland says:

    Epic pack. I will use this for sure!

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