Tiny Tweaks

Tiny Tweaks is a resource pack for Minecraft Bedrock edition that aims to improve some elements of the game without straying to far from the vanilla feel. This resource pack changes textures of some blocks and items and replaced 3 music discs to better ones!

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NEW in v2:

-Hay bales now use the same colours as wheat
-Chisseled Polished Blackstone is no longer off-cenetered
-Compass and Clock textures have been changed to the 1.17 ones
-Potion Potency and Enchantment levels are now numbers (1,2 etc)
-You can disable this via the custom language in the languages menu
-Sounds for grass and dirt based blocks have been slightly changed


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Can you make a pack with just java hotbar?, Amazing pack!
it says it works for 1.14 but when I tried to download it, it said that it was too high a version :( works for my mate tho, and its rlly cool when I play on their world so thx.
Can you make a pack with just the compass and clock?
My compass doesn’t have the texture for the addon :(
Which file do you go into to remove the text background, I want to create a resource pack just to specifically remove the text background.
Textures > hi > hud_tip_text_background.png
Just make that texture transparent
Could the addon be less than 30MB?
Try to put it as a zip pack the pack will get tiny mb link 2.3mb or 1.5/6 mb
I think they are already like that in the new updated textures
Hello, i had Some Problems. It says Duplicate pack Detected, Why does it Say that? I have No duplicate, I'd just Downloaded this pack a min ago.
Thank You!
That's strange.That is usually caused by two packs having the same ID.

Do you have any other pack in your resource pack list?
If it still isn't working try downloading it from here again as Iv'e updated the pack and changed the pack ID which will hopefully fix the problem :)
Can you make end rods without the purple part?
They are already like that in the updated textures
Xisumavoid made some Vanilla Tweaks resource packs, and a few people have ported them to bedrock. Endless End Rods is one of them. Try checking those out.
SuperDerpyDolphin June 25, 2020 at 5:00 pm
Very nice