Published on December 23, 2020 (Updated on November 08, 2021)

TLOBOS 4 Multidimensions

After you and Herbert escaped prison, you and Herbert went to do the every day stuff. But one day Herbert typed in the chat about him finding a temple about a lost legend called [The gem of Zeron] {Who ever has the book of spells and the gem of Zeron, he is able to use every command in the entire Minecraft universe}

A map based on all the previous maps and corruption

It also has a feel to Mario 64

You collect Portoal Emeralds to unlock more Portoals

a map full of stages, bosses, exploring, puzzle solving, everything.

And it's finally not a demo.

Warning: Herbert's file actually got corrupted, trying to trade with him will crash the game.

Warning 2: Once you have entered recovery mode, DO NOT LEAVE THE MAP AND I REPEAT DO NOT LEAVE THE MAP or otherwise you are softlocked in there forever.

Warning 3: This map now has 2 ending, if you want to get both, you have to save when you have all the keys and copy tha map.

If there are any bugs, let me know in the comments and I will try to fix, I didn't had enough time to set the map but if I hear a bug I will try to fix.

Also if you wait at the end if you have gotten the good ending you will find a little converstation, maybe even a teaser for my next map :)

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Fixed the link to the download page since I updated it again.

Removed coordinates.

Changed sendcommandsfeedback to false.

Fixed glitches with the emerald ore emerald.


Step 1 (Works both for Tablet and Computer): Download the map (Of course you would do that)

Step 2 (Works both for Tablet and Computer): Navigate to your downloads folder (Obviously)

Step 3 (Works only for Computer): Double click on the map. (I think you tap it on the tablet to make it work)

Step 4 (Works both for Tablet and Computer): Wait for the import to finsh and you are done.

For XBOX is pretty complicated so better watch a tutorial for that. (I'm sorry :/) But it is possible is that i only know.

Supported Minecraft versions

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I hope this isnt asking much but ca you make it 1.17 supported? (more speciifically 1.14.30) I really want to play but it said "A newer version of this game has saved this level. Unable to connect to world"
i meant 1.17.30 btw