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Published on May 04, 2021

Toggle Log Tycoon

Enjoy a toggle-log tycoon that offers several hours of fun!

Wait- What's a "toggle tycoon?". Well, I'm glad you asked! A toggle-log tycoon is a tycoon where you gain resources by tapping buttons and upgrading it!

It also keeps track of your log production and is perfect for simple - easy laid back game you can play in your spare time.

"But isn't pressing a button boring?". Well, no! This game not only has button pressing, but also a money tracker, over 10 upgrades, music selection, and a personal island that looks rather nice.

The best part about this tycoon is the savory feeling of upgrading your log farm! Whenever you get enough money, you can advance to the next log, and make 10x as much! 

While this is good by itself, you can make the experience even better by competing with your friends, to see who can be the first to reach the final log! It's sure to be a real competition. (A friendly competition, that is.)

What does this tycoon have to offer?

Unlike most tycoons, this one is mobile-game friendly, and even runs on the worst devices smoothly! The tycoon is loaded with hours of gameplay, meaning you can play it for hours, and still have ways- to go. Every time you press the button, you get the log that you pressed for. You can then travel to the golden platform to sell it for money! (Recommended: Get lots of logs first, then sell it).

  • 12 Different log varients
  • Hours of gameplay
  • Money system
  • Log harvesting
  • Lag-free
  • Multiplayer Compatibility
  • Multiplayer Competition
  • Music Selection
  • Beautiful island to play on
  • Custom NPC



When installing this world, first press the download button (not zip), which takes you to the full download site, with all the features listed above, as well as a quick download.

Assuming you pressed the download button, wait 6 seconds for the top right corner to say "skip". Press it. Then scroll down until you arrive at the free access button, press it, and you will be taken to the download site.

Make sure to finish the assigned task(s) to continue. For the "read news article" task, press it, wait 10 seconds, and close. You don't have to waste time on the articles.

Once all tasks are done, the download will be complete, and all you have to do is locate the black box and press the blue download button inside. The purpose of this method is to securely give purchasers their download link, without people pirating or corrupting the site.

A file will open if you have done this all correctly, which when pressed will export the world to your Minecraft worlds. (Please note: Make sure to have Minecraft open first.)

If the file is a (.zip), you will have to convert it to a .mcworld for it to work.



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Can you please make a download for 1.14.50 because that's my Minecraft Version
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maybe you can say just update the game becouse this addon is for Beta not lol
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It is not even an add-on for one
for two its not for beta
for 3 we made it in 1.16, not 1.14 so that's why they need to update
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