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Published on February 28, 2016 (Updated on February 28, 2016)

Tomb Crafter 2: Egypt [Adventure]

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Tutenkhamun, didn't he become pharaoh when he was 9 and died when he was 18
The .mcworld is broken
It works fine for me!
Someone posted an awesome walkthrough of this world!
i have watch all movies it was awesome
Part 1 ? Well , I couldn't get a solution for Robin Hood's bow and the treasure (Where's the lever !) I like the first one because the were 3 raids (More like minigames) but this one looks like a real tomb raider recreation of the cradle of life (Yes , I watched that movie)
Thanks for your feedback, I am sure he will appreciate it. I haven't played any of the games or seen any of the movies, but I like his maps!
Watch this video and you'll find the way to the bow. And otherwise the only inspiration I took of Abu Simbel in Egypt. A similarity with Tomb Rider movie is just a coincidence. I look at the movie because I'm not sure that Tomb Rider it is but otherwise it's just a coincidence.