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Published on March 17, 2016 (Updated on March 17, 2016)

Tomb Crafter 3 [Adventure]

This time you've traveled to an old forgotten kingdom once ruled by dwarves. You've been sent there to find and obtain The Magic Boots. The legend says that anyone who wears them will become a god. That's tempting enough, right?

Tomb Crafter 3 is an adventure map with lots of traps and difficult challenges such as parkour and mob battles. If you haven't already played the previous maps, we recommend doing that first.

Creator: minecraftstyler777Twitter Account


You've traveled to the realm of the dwarves to find and obtain some ancient magic boots. The dwarves have worshipped the magic boots for thousands of years and in order to protect it from intruders like yourself they have installed many traps. The obstacle is the way. It's only by going in there and completing each task that you will have a chance to obtain the boots.

Besides the boots there are also 6 hidden diamonds. Each diamond is marked with a two-digit code. Combined they create a secret password of 12 numbers. This is like an extra mission. If you complete it, let us know in the comments or commenting on his

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5 / 5 (1 votes)
6 year on this Map
I likevthose SuCkas
Tomb Crafter 2 is horrible :(
I played the first one and second so far my fav was the first tomb crafter so I can't wait to see what number 3 has installed
The Map is impressive ; it's design , details and storyline.. but I've done it too easy. :)
When I download it on my android it redirects to mediafire and after download the file is .htm . What should I do
Nope, there should be a .zip file. Click the big green Download button on MediaFire.
My little brother accomplished the side mission, "Too easy for me" he said. He did accomplished it.