By Editor
Published on February 15, 2016 (Updated on February 15, 2016)

Tomb Crafter [Adventure] [Parkour]

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I cant download it
Where's the hidden room?
I can't find it
Where Do We Go From The Throne Room?
Wow what I nice map. Adventure mixed with parkour and puzzle. That is dangerous game and sequel. Would the editior make this seqel with new map again. Please!!!!
how do you get the op sword in a minecraft pe world?
Good map and you can dig up from the ladder at the spawn and have a survival world
Why it takes so lng to download
The magma cubes were a really bad choice because my game hotness realllyyyyy choppy until I left that area of the map, and it was reaallllyyyy short, I found all three items in the 20 mins I was in the map
Nice map!
Hi! Stitch is amazing and the best...
But I'd rather be shiny!
(Moana, anyone?)
FuriousGamerAdvance May 05, 2017 at 5:50 am
Your WellCome!!

Can 2 people play this?
Yes but you have to to them to you
HELP every time I try to play my Galaxy Note 7 explodes. Jokes aside, nice map.
Where is the treasure room for robin hoods bow? I've been looking for a while now lol
Where do you find the gem thing
Is it two players