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Published on July 05, 2017 (Updated on July 05, 2017)

TooManyRecipes Mod (Android)

This is a mod for Android users which give you access to 34 new recipes which can be used for crafting everything from command blocks to horse armors. All of the recipes are for items or blocks which previously had no crafting recipes. It's very useful in case you want an easy way to obtain some of these blocks in survival mode.

Creator: SlapDashMC

How does it work?

The crafting works just the same way as it did before. Further down on this page you will find a list of the blocks and items which have new crafting recipes.

  • Gold ore
  • Iron ore
  • Coal ore
  • Lapis ore
  • Deadbushes
  • Diamond ore
  • Redstone ore
  • Lit redstone ore
  • Unlit redstone torch
  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Monster Egg
  • Mushroom block
  • Mushroom block
  • Mycelium
  • Command block
  • Nether quartz ore
  • Packed ice
  • Repeating command block
  • Chain command block
  • Frosted ice
  • Podzol
  • Stone cutter
  • Glowing obsidian
  • Nether reactor
  • Chain helmet
  • Chain breastplate
  • Chain leggings
  • Chain boots
  • Iron horsearmor
  • Gold horsearmor
  • Diamond horsearmor
  • Command block minecart


Important: This is an Android mod which requires BlockLauncher.

2 suggestions:
1: remove the command block recipe because command blocks are not obtainable in survival mode.
2: It is recommended to use iron nuggets instead of fire. Idk why they thought of making it out of fire. its a stupid jeb door with notch locked inside idea.
Guest-9023702166 May 23, 2020 at 6:51 pm
could you add some pictures
It leads me to your add on codes
Love this in survival mode , I can craft armor!
UGH can't download it ion my ios phone
Landon Minecraft Lover July 08, 2017 at 7:11 pm
Would you please make a command block version of this mod in a world download?
Please make it iOS please!!!
Fearlesshunter222 July 19, 2017 at 4:02 pm
I agree with you and the other person who wanted ios and I has McPack and don't have? E Google account to get blocklauncher so pls change it so we just need minecraft pet thx if mcpedl read this and did it.
Cool and add me on xbox darksh2134
Can you make this for iOS?
This is stupid
Its a cool mod!!!!!
And just HOW do you get the fire block?