Published on July 24, 2021 (Updated on July 24, 2021)

Totem of Potion Effect

This Addon add seven new effect totem. The totem can be used to cost xp level into potion effect. The totem can be used infinite time and the crafting material is not very expensive. 

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  • Added 4 New totem. (Totem of Leaping, Resistance, Regeneration and Levitation)
  • Duration of Fire Resistance was increased from 45s to 120s.
  • Changed the name 'Totem of Speed' to 'Totem of Swiftness'.



  • effecttotem.mcaddon (28.87 KB)

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Can I use this in my Map?
Will Give Full Credits To You For This Addon
Make the recipes a little bit expensive to be vanilla gameplay freindly...
The addon was way too nice and even better because there was no player.json included...
2 things i would suggest are that
Fire totem can be a bit longer because because fire potions are not that much rare
And myb make a updgrade for them and more totems too... That would give a hard competition to the popular charm addons... .
Thanks for your support!
More effect totem is going to be added
Please stay tuned!