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Tower of Hell

Maybe you know the game called "Tower of Hell" on Roblox, well, now you can play it on Minecraft!

I created this map because I spent several hours on it and I loved this game, so I had the idea to re-create it on Minecraft.

Version : 1.0.0

This map has 5 sections but all of these aren't in the original game, I've just created new sections.

PS: Dont worry, I will create more sections in the next updates


The Tower

Red section

Light blue section

Pink section

Black section

Gray section

The top

Credits to UnheardLlama591 for helping me to build this map

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1.0.1 Update

- Now you spawn in the tower

This update is just a fix but I going to add more sections in the next update


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I love it, Great map to help my mobile parkour skills! :)
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