Published on April 24, 2023 (Updated on August 13, 2023)

TR-Z : zombie apocalypse

Hello everyone, here is my first addon, and it's a zombie apocalypse:

Script (this is fictive!)

TR-Z : zombie apocalypse.The virus TR-Z had come from Somewhere, no one knows where, and the virus started to spread, infecting more and more people, and turning them into flesh-eating lunatics...Zombies.

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Modified Addon presentation and added more description to make people who read the présentation of the Addon understand what's inside the Addon before testing it.

Changed bow ans crossbow to guns, increased arrows entity damage



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Kardeş sen Türk müsün
can you make the zip file into an mcpack?
I will. For the moment i can't work on the addon but on august i will be able to.