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Published on August 30, 2017 (Updated on August 30, 2017)

Trading Cards Add-on

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Mr.DreamWalkerMinecraft May 02, 2021 at 8:38 am
Hey link is unavailable
can you update your download links
This is a scam
I saw the json files and this was there
"rolls": 1,
"entries": [
"type": "item",
"name": "minecraft:yellow_flower",
"weight": 5,
"functions": [
"function": "set_data",
"data": 1
the might have just replaced the flowers with the cards
thats just how addons used to be made leave em alone
There wasn't always a way to make new items
also danrobzprobz remaid this addon for 1.16 he has a youtube video
The link works and if you use it correctly it sends you to mediafire. But I keep getting yellow flowers, not the card. Maybe you should replace the spawn eggs.
Same i was thinking i needed to enable something but i didnt see anything and now ik its not just me so yes pls fix this
I cant collect cards i always recieve a dandelion not a card
I was really sad about this issues as i was super excited for this mod...All i get are dandilions and i cant find them in creative mode either :((((((
Make it on mediafire
This is a cool mod! However I can't use it :/ all I get are yellow flowers. I done everything to fix it but still nothing! Someone pleaaaase help!!
i have a same problem, need help :/
GREAT!!!! I just want more cards. Like witch, zombie villager, Phantom, ect.
how did you make it work?
It is great just wish it had more cards.
I can’t get it to work.
Can download for some Reason
need it on a different website download
I try to download the behavior pack and it takes me to a add that I can't skip