Published on June 17, 2020 (Updated on July 28, 2020)

Treasure Hunter Series: Jungle Puzzle/Adventure Map QoL UPDATE

Ready to steal the hidden treasure found in the Jungle Temple? Want to solve hidden puzzles and search for secrets? Then this map is for you! Welcome to THS: Jungle, a map designed to challenge your mental fortitude through it's disorienting puzzles and your skill through parkour! Take the challenge, find the treasure, and escape!

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Quality of Life Update:

-2 of the mazes have been removed (only 1 needs to be completed)

-The item you need to find inside of the maze is now a birch button located on the wall in the same spot

-The parkour after you have taken the treasure has been simplified

This update should fix any issues PE players had with the map, it had to do with block detection so I've replaced it with a button.

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Wow I didn't expect to find a gem in the bush, lol. This atmosphere take me back 7 years ago when Herobrine Mansion come to our sight.
Overall the map look very good compare to other that we can see everyday. Very detail structure building, animation, sound, puzzle design. Puzzle worm will like this map type so so much! Other than these player type they will say boring, but I didn't blame you that. If you be able to take a bit of fighting type into the map I think more player will played your map, just a recommend just ignore it if you disagree. Some more storyline during gameplay I guess...
Maze area it will be a bit tough here without any guide (I know that mostly of the maze are like this, but if you can give more clue or bring some of its player action or speech it will be perfect. I mean not complete boring if you can't find the exit)
Throne Room same as Maze it was a bit hard to understand for a normal player who didn't love puzzle as mush as puzzle worm. I think you can do it better to help them understand that they need to run across the gap to the secret room behind the lava. it possible that they will stop played before reach the end.
Flip Room, This is to hard to make them understand where to go, from my experience not many of them understand where to go when there's no where they be able to understand. It will be terrible when they can't understand what to do. I think you should use some of the block that make them recognize it may not in the first glance but better than no reason why to jump there.

If you can fixed these problem and give them(someone who not addict to puzzle) away boring I guess this will be another high quality or legend map in the future, when time pass. I also look into it for more puzzle map from you. It was like that you born to be puzzle map master or I should say a star. I'm sure to recommend this to other puzzle addict, and other to someone who not addicted to puzzle kind(If you can change or rework what I have mention) Normally, I should take this as 4 stars but from something that we cannot see everyday and in this community and a lot of effort that you have put in, a failure with some understandable I will late you 5 stars. If you want any recommend or comment on your other map contact me: Twitter @Zuc16th
For the maze when i play with my friend and one of us or both of us steps on the chisel block we aren't teleported all that is triggered is the words
It takes a while to for MCPEDL to update, there's been an issue with PE players on windows 10, because for some reason redstone and command blocks work slightly different there then on all of the other platforms. If you go to the walkthrough on youtube, there is an updated download link.