Published on November 26, 2014

Treasure Land [Adventure] [Survival]

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Deez nuts. So yummy
I literally just climbed to the top o_O
Gamerdude old man March 21, 2015 at 6:27 pm
Great map Romulous . :D
I appreciate the reply
I think this is a great site for help and information and I seriously appreciate it... but for real...?!
"The map got loads of hidden treasures, finesse and great artistry....Throughout the map there are chests which got different loot. One chest have a wolf spawn egg and some bones which mean..."

Really? Is it so difficult to edit? Don't they have an app or software for just this situation? I wouldn't correct or criticize should we be speaking face to face. I would just feel sorry for you. My four year old son doesn't even speak so poorly. But really, kids read this. I couldn't even understand what was trying to be said and when it clicked it was redundant and irritating. This is a perfect example of why I encourage children to at least attempt to graduate high school.

This isn't the only ignorant thing I've found on this site but it was, at least, the last annoying little straw that drove me to this rant.

Thank you for your time.
While I do appreciate your honest feedback you've got to understand that not everyone is from the US or a native English speaking country. That includes myself.

Every description on the site isn't added by me or my helpers, they are provided by the players of Minecraft Pocket Edition. And as you can imagine with more than 30 millions downloads the game got a lot of people from different countries and that should be respected.

It's great that your four year son writes perfect English. He's welcome to join us and write the descriptions. Let me know if he's interested and I'll setup an account for him. :)