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Published on July 19, 2017 (Updated on July 19, 2017)

TRG Village [Creation]

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This village is incredible, you can see the dedication you gave it 5 stars
Hey just wondering could I use this map for a minecraft youtube series. I would give you all the required credit. Please reply soon
Si j'utilise cette map pour une vidéo Minecraft ou autre, celle-ci doit être payée ?!
Hey! I am planning an RPG-adventure map, Can I use this one? The map will be credited...
Can you make this map but without the leaves!
Well.... Its avesome !!!!?
I am absolutely AMAZED!!! Nice job dude.... I was hoping if I could use this map, for a Minecraft film I’m making. Just to make sure if it’s okay...
Of course! I’d LOVE if you us it. Just make sure you give me proper credit.
This Map Is Sooooooo Cool. I feel like the only problem is that I'm playing on an iPad 2 and it doesn't have that much storage.

This map is awesome! ??
It was pretty good i liked it for the most part. If youd like to see more images and others with shaders, vist my twitter account @TheWorldOfMineC. If theres any requests i can do anything youd like just DM me.
Pure awesomeness
This map is so cool. I could never build anything like it in my entire life.
This build is amazing!
I like how there are separate sections of land inside the wall.
Hey!!! I loved ur build it was good and now I'm planning to just change ur build so can u give me ur mail so that I could send u the pic of my transformation
My email is [email protected] if you would like to send me your transformation. I would love to see it!
This world is such an inspiration. It is absolutely beautiful. It must've taken forever!