Published on March 16, 2018 (Updated on March 16, 2018)

Trident Enchantments World (Beta) [Creation]

Installation Guides

very good
you can enchant trident by using mcpe master and enchant it "use lastest version":]
you can enchant trident by using macpe master and enchant it "use lastest version":]
this is a great world but just wondering how do you enchant the trident bc you can't enchant it with commands and you can't enchant it with the enchanting table bc all of the tridents enchantments are blank and you can't enchant it with books and anvil so how did you enchant the trident?
How did you enchant it?
I don’t know how to download. It’s confusing because I’m on an iPad, and I don’t understand the downloading process. I rated it a one for you guys! Please try to make it easier for people on iPads have an easier process of downloading! Thanks!
Raegan This is not meant for iPads. Read the Description it clearly says it requires the Latest Minecraft Beta Version. You can only get the beta version by win 10, android and Xbox. By the way if you meant your new to downloading stuff, press the button where it says How to Download for iPad/Android/Win10 this should clear everything you said.
Ummm there's no beta on ios
You can get it now using experimental gameplay on ios
You might be having trouble downloading, because you might not have signed up for mcpe 1.3 beta. You need to go to the minecraft page on the appstore, and then update.
it is only for beta 1.3 on android
It helped me see the trident better
How you can enchant that if there is a bug wich programa do you use
He must of used blocktopgraph
How did you enchant the things
Nice how did you enchant it