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Published on October 28, 2015 (Updated on October 28, 2015)

1495886166: Triple Village At Spawn

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Well done on finding this!
Why not play Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location
I am being serious
The Villagers are my creations not to be played with, but you can kill them when they get annoying
I can't find the village help
I hate villagers
Beatiful seed realy amazing
At X: 340,Y: 71,Z :-3755 there is a mesa, savana, and a desert that all meet with an above ground mineshaft and a village with a blacksmith! At X: 881,Y: 71, Z:-1038 there is a mega taiga! At X:181,Y: 82, Z: 856 there is a forest fire waiting to happen! At X: 99, Y: 62, Z: -690 there is a surface zombie spawner! At X:137,Y:62 ,Z:292 there is a desert village with a blacksmith! At X:-214,Y: 71,Z: 360 there is a desert temple! There is another village with a blacksmith at X: 1415, Y: 71, Z: -952. Also, about 40 blocks away from the original 3 at spawn, there is a fourth village.
Hey, I just now realized this was posted. Sorry for being a bugger, but can you put in a quick credit to me? I initially posted this as the seed "EarCancer" way back last year on MCPEHub. Thanks!
Sure, no problems.
There are two more villages in this world. A sand village and another savannah village. If you go towards the sand plain which is by two of the villages you will find both of them. There is also a dungeon by the house that is built in the mountain
epic is there a stronghold?