Published on February 13, 2016 (Updated on February 13, 2016)

216092155: Triple Village & Desert Temples

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I've been playing on this seed for over four years now!
Really nice seed!
Also found 2 jungle temples
Awesome seed!?
I love This seed
Also, if you go west of the triple village, you will find three more villages one with a stronghold, if you go north from the triple village, you will find two villages, a jungle with a temple, and you will find a village with a stronghold. If you go northeast, you will find another village. This seed has many villages and temples.
wats the coordinates of the village??
I found a dungeon in a cave by the church!
The directions you gave were really helpful! Thanks! The village is awesome!
The dungeon is a spider dungeon, and it works on infinite for the seed.?
What version does it have to be. It's not working for me.
Damsen I found the second temple
It is exactly between the temple and village
There is a big sand dune on the left side of it u will see a
Small pyramid like structure it is the it's top
As you're heading toward the temple you found if you look to your left you will the only the very top of a temple and part of the tower peaking out of the sand.
Super cool!!! But please specify if you do infinite, old, or it doesn't matter
Thanks, Talia