Published on August 26, 2021 (Updated on April 01, 2022)

True Backpack [Light?][Compatible with Any Addon]

"Now with compatibility" Looking for a backpack to carry your things? Well here you have an addon that adds a backpack that can help you as well as an indicator so you know if you have the backpack or not

Realm and server version

If you want to play with friends on a server or realm and true backpack does not work as expected, download this version that is simpler

Only the special BP is needed, it works with the same RP




Lava bucket:

Dynamic light when you have lava in the primary slot

Water bucket:

All dye colors now available and bug fixes

Now the backpacks can be painted and there are several designs

to paint it you just have to have the dye of the color you want the backpack and use it in the backpack


Use the respective dyes to get the backpack color you want












Light gray



Light Blue






-Use "Diamond"


-Use "Emerald"


-Use "iron ingot"


-Use "Blue ice"


-Use "Gold ingot"


-Use "Amethyst shard"


-Use "Glowstone Dust"


-Use "Copper ingot"


-Use "Prismarine shad"



3 new slots were added.

-Save water and wash

-Save any tool

-slot to improve the slots of the backpack

classic backpack:

the easiest backpack to craft

slot : 64

Ender backpack
Give him an ender chest to make his simple backpack an "ender backpack"

slot : 256

16,384 items that you can save , it is an exaggerated amount. now you can take a whole house in a backpack

If the backpack is improved, it can still be changed color

The addon brings an indicator that shows if the player is carrying the backpack on their back

How to remove the backpack from my back?

to do it you need the "remove backpack".

press and hold the screen or use right click



What other functions does it have?

The backpack can grab things that are in its range

If the player dies for any reason, the backpack can save a part of their things if they have unfilled inventory

Backpack crafting and remove backpack

"remove backpack":



If you use an addon that uses UI and there are errors, you can remove the small icon before entering the world


Important: people who review this addon many times do not read the characteristics and terms to make a video of this addon. If you are a content creator please use the mcpdl link and you are not allowed to leave the direct link or make your own link. If you break I will take measures for this




-REGV (Help in textures)

Felipe G a m e r:  By the gametest for the UI , DISCORD: amogus#0185

My group discord

Select version for changelog:


-the bucket of water is visible when it is in slot 0

-the lava bucket is visible when it is in slot 0

-the lava bucket gives dynamic light when it is in slot 0


it is necessary to download the RP and BP in addition to activating THE EXPERIMENTAL MODES


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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-no more infinite backpacks
-no more backpack stuck to the ground
-4 new colors
1. I don't think backpack which graps items in range is a good idea. It causes more problems. For example: Chopping trees is annoying since sometimes the backpack will steal some logs, and we have to remove it to get the logs back. Or when I want to throw items away, they're brought back to me. This can be hard to feed villagers in farms or disposing trash.
2. Idk why but this mod hates keyboard control somehow. I can't place my lava bucket in the first special slot, hence unable to get a backpack light source
Still, a great mod and addition to the survival
yeah, it isnt, when you die and you have stonetombs, it is a shit.
hello, could you help how to deactivate or remove the looter function automatically items? it is for personal and private use only.
if i want delete backpack??? how i do??
This looks nice but it seems the ender chest recipe is overridden?
I accidentally remove my backpack beside a wall. Now i cant find my backpack. Is there any way to find it?
Great 4.6 Stars | 1.18.30 Working.
This comment has been removed
This looks incredible!! One question though, now that the “Additional Modding Capabilities” Experimental mode has been removed from Minecraft does this addon still work or will it be broken? And if it’s broken will you fix it?
is this compatible with 1.18.30 MCPE?
I don't know, it's an incompatibility with 1.18.20 but... the backpacks are invisible, they don't see the back of the character... will it take a long time for the next update? at least just to fix this bug. thanks for listening
the backpack is good but how can I make the backpack turn into an item again? or remove the backpack? like
doesnt work.
the hand icon item isnt given to me
The best backpack add-on for Minecraft Bedrock. Only one problem I've seen. This doesn't work with equippable baubles, rings, necklaces, amulets, etc, add-ons. Event though neither this nor those other add-ons have player.jsons and so, are supposed to be compatible. If you could somehow fix this, or add an option to carry the backpack in your inventory like a shulker box instead of on your back, which is probably causing an overlapping conflict, that would be great.
I need to say that this is the best backpack addon that I have ever seen
this is what I was looking for so much time. Even if you need to take the backpack of to take something out the addon is perfect
Like always your addons are very good true cowboy
muchas gracias
batman908070605040302010 April 05, 2022 at 12:05 am
This is the best backpack mod I have seen

so I use it by the way I'm a robot