True Start

Punching down a tree, Craft some planks to make wooden pickaxe-
Then Mine some cobbletones to make stone tools

That's Too Fast to reach the stone age on the first day...
Do you want Some Twists to make them Realistic/Believable?

That's what this addon Does!

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Reworked the items!
New code generation, Grouped items, Simpler recipes & Better itemtips

Updated to 1.20+


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i still can break wood with hand and can't pick up rocks and sticks. how can i fix this? thanks =)

1. This addon doesn't supposed to make you unable to break log with hands, please read the description again
2. The only way you can pick the rocks and stick is by interacting them
What about just make the unlit torch a block and then have matchbox and light it then you can use durability again maybe the same thing with the saw to make it more balanced the saw has a really low durability and the matchbox
I see, but i will think of a easier to make solution to solve that
sorry if the criticism was harsh i do enjoy this addon but i have a suggestion for easier methods of getting sticks maybe crafting saplings into sticks? or maybe putting planks on chopping block and breaking it down into 2 sticks or something just so it’s not so repetitive breaking leaves till iron
Nah, it's okay & i should sorry for the very late reply
I see, i will either take your suggestions or/and looking for other mothods to obtain sticks in the next update
the flint tools break blocks fast doesn’t make sense that the flint is breaking faster than stone and the saw disappears after 1 use and costs 3 sticks and 2 iron only giving me 1 extra stick and still losing 2 iron that’s a little absurd
Okay, those bugs has been fixed
For some reason, the saw disappears after use.
Team up with strat who made tinkers construct for bedrock it would be epic maybe make flint and sticks spawn on the ground randomly but rare. Or make a better knappable flint mechanic so you throw it at an hard object it gives you the shards. Make it work on cobblestone andesite polished versions stone bricks too. Maybe make rocks generate less. And possibly fix the snow covering them idk if that possible also make them water loggable! Just some ideas cause i really liked this :)
1. What team up you mean?
2. Myb i will add ground fliint & stick too
3. That better mechanic you suggested was complicated to make
4. It works on cobblestone, granite, diorite, andesite (polished too). But nope for stonebricks
5. I don't think the rocks generates too much
6. It's possible to fix the water/snowlogging issue, but it will lag the game
7. Thank you for liking this addon :)
I love the textures
As Vegeta said in the Majin Boo saga (This moment, I always waited for it!!!)
Good Addon