Published on February 24, 2021 (Updated on March 15, 2021)

Turn On Gaming GUI V2 (Improvements)

Are you a gamer who often plays at night? Therefore, download this GUI texture pack, designed for people who like dark mode so that their eyes don't glare, not only that, this GUI is designed with a modern, elegant, and gaming red theme.

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In the second version, this is a development from the first version on the menu screen, GUI inventory, and menu buttons


Supported Minecraft versions


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Esta genial no escuches al gente que dice que el fondo ami me gusta y espero y le des actualizaciónes pero no lo borres porfa
est agenial
Looks absolutely horrible, bright red and the weird main menu background. It's equivalent to looking at the sun.
everything is fine, the background is what I did not like
Cool, but background in main menu is cringe. If you want more people to pay attention to your texture pack, write here, I make you a cover for the texture pack for free.
You can find my profile on mcpedl and go to any social network (telegram or twitter is best)
Sad, only one people who gave feedback :(

even though I really need criticism and suggestions
Es un buen paquete de textura, pero puedes hacer que el inventario sea transparente?
I have planned on another project, this one was deliberately made non-transparent