Published on July 06, 2021 (Updated on July 04, 2021)

Tweak++ 1.17+

This addon adds many needed features such as: crouching under slabs to mimic java, and adding back removed crafting recipes including crafting saddles and enchanted golden apples! This addon can be placed inside your Minecraft world to enhance your Minecraft experience! 1.17+

Tweak++ adds cool new features and adds removed crafting recipes!


Players when sneaking can go under 1/2 smaller gap just like in java

Chainmail armor can now be crafted with chains

All horse armor can be crafted with their respected ores

Saddles can now be crafted

String can be crafted from wool

All crafting recipes:

Chainmail Helmet

Chainmail Chestplate

Chainmail Leggings

Chainmail Boots

Diamond Horse Armor

Golden Horse Armor

Iron Horse Armor


Enchanted Golden Apple



Video Preview:


Select version for changelog:


No changes to document. I hope you enjoy this simple mod!


No special instructions needed! Just install this pack like any other!

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This is amazing and one of the best mods Ive downloaded in this site! Keep making more I love your content so much!!!
Can you do a shrink mod to where the player is tiny cuz that would be amazing too!
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Its really amazing, love this!
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you should make netherwart block unpackable lol
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There's pack called "Bedrock Tweaks". Search it up on google. It's basically "Vanilla tweaks" but for Bedrock
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Awesome! This small changes improve the experience a lot!
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This is honestly just a brilliant way to enhance a regular minecraft experience, even if just so small.
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