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Published on November 07, 2016 (Updated on November 07, 2016)

Twilight Forest Addon (Map)

In this map you will be able to explore a twilight forest which is the home to many strange creatures and also a completely redesigned Nether with twilight monsters. There are tons of new things to explore (mostly textures though) and we highly recommend you to download it yourself to fully immerse yourself in this crazy experiment!

This map and addon was mostly created as a concept or an idea for a new type of dimension in Minecraft PE. But it should be noted that the majority of textures and models originates from a popular mod for PC called The Twilight Forest.

Creator: Goreckicraft123Twitter Account
Credits: Benimatic (creator of The Twilight Forest mod for PC)

What have been replaced?

In and around the twilight forest you will find lots of strange mobs. Let's have a brief look at them.

The cows and mooshrooms have got a new set of horns.

Bats have been replaced by beautiful butterflies.

The sheep look like Alpina ibex (also known as steinbocks) and have curved horns. The pig has been replaced by a bison. And the horse have been replaced by a deer.

Getting chased by a tree, that gotta be a first time! Iron golems look like the Ents from The Lord of the Rings. They will not move unless they are attacked.

Wolves have been replaced by bears. They are supposed to be able to be tamed with fish but I couldn't get it to work.

This is what the portal looks like which you need to enter to get to the Twilight Forest in the PC mod. If you enter through it in this map you will come to a strange version of the Nether with twilight mobs.

Here you can see some of the mobs appearing in this strange version of the Nether.

All of the wool blocks have been replaced by colored wood planks. However, it's just the textures which have been replaced. The blocks will still have the same behaviors as wool (such as sound and time it takes to break it).

The nether reactor core have been replaced by a lucky block. Break it with a pickaxe and it will spawn a bunch of diamonds (which are actually iron ingots) and red emeralds (which are in fact diamonds).

The melon has been replaced by honeycombs.

Here you can see some other block textures which have been replaced. The purple ones are blocks found in the End but it's actually quartz blocks.

There some more things which have been replaced but those I will let you explore by yourself!


iOS / Android / Windows 10 / Other:

This addon works only to download as a .McWorld file. It has a file size of more than 50 MB and as a result it can take a long time to download. But it all depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

  1. Download .McWorld
  2. It should be automatically imported on iOS and Windows 10. If you are using Android you will need to use ES File Explorer to import it (just tap on the file in your Downloads folder to import it).

Click here to download a .ZIP file (includes a world folder with resource pack and behavior pack)!

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3.04 / 5 (23 votes)
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sucks not even worth it
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I'm like hey wassup hello September 29, 2019 at 1:30 am
And i oop- it won't download..
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Don’t get me wrong it looks really cool but it’s quite buggy, the animals skins got really distorted and the ground has flashing patches on it. You can’t access your inventory and can’t go into creative mode to see any of the items, after going past a lighthouse like structure, the screens starts freaking out, the portal takes you to a dimension full of distorted horses and purple water and the only way to get out of it is drowning. This could be an amazing map but it just needs to be fixed.
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This map was a very early addon, and was created around 3 years ago. I doubt the creator will update it. I remember playing it back when it still worked, and I had fun. Back then it was pretty amazing seeing this.
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It won’t let me download keeps taking me to a page with a random video
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It is terrible no inventory I spawn in the woods when I go through the portal it takes me to the maze with Minotaur and there is nowhere else to go
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Harrison Walczyna March 23, 2019 at 2:43 pm
I have a couple of things to tell u mr editor

1 - They are rubies and not red emeralds
2 - Did u use unobtainable items addon to get the core and glowing obsidian
3 - Why cant we get the addon by itself
4 - It is very outdated i remember last playing it years ago and everything turns into a glitched version of pe alpha with coding bugs
5 - I cloned the world and edited it slightly i.e. it now contains a hole in the brick bridge
6 - Are there any features of this ripoff that dont exist in the original twilight forest
7 - Could u plz tell me what blocks are replaced by what blocks
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How do you install it I’m going to media fire and it’s not working
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I doubt a 3 year old addon will be updated. Also, the unobtainable items addon did not exist when this was made.
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Every time I open the app it and try to get on the world the app crashes
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Hey there!!! I downloaded this addon on my phone ((Which is an IPhone 6)) but when I go into Minecraft ((P.E)) it freezes when I press on the world, then logs me out! Could somebody help please?!?!
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It ont let me to the world and i have great wifi!?!? ?
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don't work in windows 10 T.T
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You predicted prismarine stairs
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