Published on September 20, 2017 (Updated on September 20, 2017)

Twinkle Star - Micro Shader (1.2 Only)


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Where the hell are the stars? YOU MISSED THEM!
Does it work on mcpe 1.7?
Can you make the stars twinkle slower? And make it brighter?
【ひろばのマイクラ統合版(マイクラPE)ライブ配信】#433 バグアイテムを手に入れて遊ぶ!そして手に入れるためのギミックも作る! | #ライブ バズウォール May 16, 2018 at 4:42 am
[…] Twinkle Star – Micro Shader (1.2 Only) […]
【ひろばのマイクラ統合版(マイクラPE)ライブ配信】#429? しれっとライブ雑談したい(´っ・ω・)っ | #ライブ バズウォール May 11, 2018 at 3:40 am
[…] Twinkle Star – Micro Shader (1.2 Only) […]
Just commenting to confirm that it works on Windows 10 as of v1.2.9.

Also, great work on the stars! A small change that makes a big difference!
hi creator! Can you please add a chance for a lunar eclipse and or shooting stars into the pack? Thank you and have a nice day!
Works on xbox one/ windows 10? Please answer.
yes, it does. but you can't put resource packs on Xbox one
This is one of my best addons
now the night sky looks so much better!
I cant download the pack why
Omg this resource pack is so amazing!
This is great! It’s a small change but looks nice when you look up.