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Published on October 03, 2016 (Updated on October 03, 2016)

-1950666809: Two Desert Temples At Spawn

This is seed is really good as you will spawn very close to two desert temples and one savannah village. In all chests combined you will find 34 gold ingots, 5 emeralds, 4 diamonds and much more. It's a great seed if you want some great items quickly.

Found by: PandaDustin

The spawn is just a few blocks away from this desert temple.

Inside at the center of the temple you will find some colored clay blocks. Break these blocks to access the hidden treasure room. Don't step on the pressure plate down there as it will trigger a TNT trap.

Here are all the items which you will find in the chests:

  • Enchanted Book: Lure III
  • Enchanted Book: Thorns I
  • 24 gold ingots
  • 3 emeralds
  • 15 bones
  • 15 iron ingots
  • 11 rotten flesh

On the left side of spawn (next to the temple) you will find a tunnel. The tunnel ultimately leads down to lava level. There you can find lots of useful ores.

To find the second temple please have a look at the image down below. It's about 100-200 blocks away from spawn.

Inside the temple you will find the following items in the treasure chests:

  • Enchanted Book: Protection II
  • 1 emerald
  • 4 diamonds
  • 10 gold ingots
  • 2 iron ingots
  • 1 saddle
  • 17 bones
  • 12 rotten flesh

If you want to, you can go and find a savannah village which is located not far from the first temple at which you spawned.

It's a fairly small village but definitely worth checking out if you need some food or are in desperate need of ink sacs.

  • 35 ink sacs
  • 4 bread
  • 3 apples

Seed: -1950666809

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I reckon that this will turn out great. Oh and I need some friends on Minecraft. My server name is Anna.
i found like 7 desert temples and 15 villages and 4 witch huts a stronghold and a mine shaft with 4 chests and i also found 3 dungeons.
Hey,Editor and Mcpedl,I know a Seed called steve(no capitals),it has you spawn inside a village,though it's not so exciting,one look in the blacksmith and you can find TWO EMEDENTLY(typo?)MINED DIAMODNDS!You Will also be able to find some bread and iron boots,with this,there is a nearby stream,cross it,and you will find another village,also with a blacksmith,it has a iron chest plate and a iron pickaxe.
This seed is far better than just the two temples and one village. I'm playing this seed as my regular world now, and I have found numerous other villages (one of which is now my home base). There are also two other temples, one of which is actually partially buried in a non-desert mountain!

Now, the other villages and temples are not in short walking distance from spawn, but that adds to the challenge of the game. A day's walk (Minecraft time) roughly northeast from the mountain village is my home base village. About a half-day's walk in various directions from my home base is another village with a blacksmith plus a WOODLAND MUSHROOM village (really uncommon). South of the mountain village pictured is a pair of villages, each with blacksmiths - one set on the side of a mountain and one in the desert. Around the south edge of that mountain is the partially-buried temple. Further south is another pair of villages with smithies. Much further south is ANOTHER pair of villages with smithies, with a witch hut to their east (a two day journey from the previous pair). Then further south still is another desert temple half buried in the sand, with several great enchanted books (such as Power V) and DIAMOND HORSE ARMOR, which makes it worth the trip.

Lots of great adventuring for those who don't want everything handed to them at spawn. 4 temples, 10 villages, a witch hut, and loads of fun. After all the traveling and searching, I have full armor for me, a saddle and diamond armor for my horse, a ton of gold, several emeralds, and everything I need to build an enchanting table with loads of bookshelves, and I've hardly mined a thing apart from coal.
Great info! Thanks!
It has just gotten even better! I have discovered 3 additional temples and about a dozen other villages (only about half with blacksmiths, though), plus another witch hut. Unfortunately, some of the villages are relatively unreachable in survival mode. However, there is one adventure very much worth taking:

From the village pictured above, journey south past the first pair of villages to the second pair (plains and desert). From there head due west to reach new temple #5. Just before you get there, you pass a natural arch to the north - just north of that is a desert village. No blacksmith, but you will want to camp out in the library for the next quest. Bright and early the next game day, pack some food, torches, iron pickaxes (or better), weapons, and a bed, then go to temple #5 and head due south. Near the end of the day, you will be on a beautiful painted desert mesa. If you did not deviate from due south of the temple, you will now be directly on top of an abandoned SURFACE mine, rails and all! I found two minecarts with chests (although I saw four in creative mode) before heading underground. But near the mountain, off of one of the mine passageways, is a partially sealed cave entrance, which is a literal gold mine. In one trip, I took away approximately 150 gold ores! Remember your bed, for you'll likely be here for several days...

By the way, when you raid the temples, do not forget to disarm the booby traps, hack away the sandstone, and take the 9 TNT plus the pressure switch. Doing this for all 5 of the temples I've described will net you 45 TNT and 5 pressure switches in addition to the other loot (and the 20 chests themselves)
Whow, you've really explored a lot!