Published on June 22, 2021 (Updated on July 08, 2021)

U Dead Mode


Has Minecraft bedrock been too easy well i have made something that is pretty difficult. Creepers being faster and many more things that make this addon hardcore mode but worse


has U dead mode classic been too easy well welcome to reborn where we have new mobs, new armor, weapons, and so much more

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6/14- The u dead mode addon was created with no changes yet
6/23: goats and glowsquids now attack the player
7/6: U dead mode Reborn is released and the U dead mode is split into reborn and classic
discord link has been fixed so it actually links the discord of u dead mode



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You should try make an addon where its hardcore mode but you have 10 lives and with each lives your hearts slowly turn darker each life :) cool addon
That would be very interesting!