Published on July 24, 2020 (Updated on August 13, 2020)

Ultamate Minecraft Man Hunt

Hey everyone my name is BlueWolfexe, but you can call me Wolf, I made this addon wanting to play man hunt with my friends, but in a randomized, sort of automatic way. If your looking for that as well, then this would be the addon to use!!! You made it to the right place!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! 

Discord here- MY DISCORD!!!!

Social Media Here-My Youtube Can you consider subscribing since it only takes a few seconds oh and by the way it is free :)

Below are descriptions of how to start the game and how to play

If you like this addon please let me know, and tell me some ideas you want for a simple addon down in the description, i'll be sure to look at them!!!

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This Update fixes a few bugs

1st of all before I talk about the bug fixes, i would thank everyone for downloading my addon, i will post more addons later, and i hope you all enjoy what i have brought to the community, as too this is free :)

alright now time for the bug fixes!!!

  • changed link to Media Fire since i had problems with the other link
  • Added Zip File so xbox can play now :)
  • fixed the bug where it didn't give you the compass
  • fixed spawning players
  • fixed team making glitch
  • more but i wont go over it for now :)

thats about it!!!! Thanks for all the support guys If you want to see a resource pack dm me in discord my username is #FluffyWolfexe#0001


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Furry alert!!
So i tried downloading the mod but when I import it it does not work so i can't play it
u know its good cus he spelt ultimate wrong
Yes and sorry, I forgot to give the people a compass, man I feel bad, I will update the game and fix that :)
Dude you didn't mentioned Dream & GeorgeNotFound because this manhunt game was originally from them and everybody knows it
Sorry, I will update and mention them
Is there a compass?